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We are a Department of Education and Training school but unlike other schools, we don’t enrol students. Our teachers work with students who are enrolled in other schools or education settings. 

Depending on the student’s age and circumstances, we have a range of programs that promote and support positive mental health and engagement in education. Our teachers work in partnership with families, education staff and other professionals to support students to work towards their education goals.


Our mission is to provide programs and services that promote and support positive mental health and engagement in education. We strive to see students as unique individuals and support them to share their voice about their strengths, needs and preferences. We work collaboratively with students and their support networks to help them work towards their goals. We work together with schools and educational settings to support students’ positive mental health and engagement and promote mental health awareness across educational settings.

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Works  in collaboration with Royal Children's Hospital with young people 12 - 18 years who are inpatients of the RCHBanksia Mental Health Ward.


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Orygen Youth Health, Headspace, RCH Mental Health & Travancore School
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50 Flemington St, Travancore VIC 3032, Australia

Principal: Katie Archibald

(03) 9345 6053

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