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In2School Program

Supporting school attendance

In2School works with students (aged 10-15) who are experiencing severe difficulties attending school and who are referred by their Royal Children’s Hospital Mental Health Case Manager. It is an intensive small group program that creates opportunities for positive student experiences, building the skills and connections that support full time school attendance. 


In2School offers a ‘wraparound’ model that includes a classroom program, therapeutic intervention, parent/carers sessions and transition support. Students are supported by a small team of teachers and clinicians who work closely with the young person, their family and their school to support them to work towards their goals. 


The program is a research partnership between Travancore School, The Royal Children’s Hospital and the Melbourne Graduate School of Education (University of Melbourne).


  • Our purpose is to create positive learning experiences that provide opportunities to build the  skills, capabilities and connections that support transition to full time attendance.


We strive to

  • Understand student needs.

  • Support meaningful goal-setting.

  • Amplify student voice.

  • Collaborate with families and schools.

  • Develop learning capabilities.

  • Build healthy routines, stamina, self-regulation and resilience.


  • Support social communication skills and connections with peers. 

  • Develop individualised supports.

  • Support students' transition to school.​

What We Do

Meet the Team

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Team Leader

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