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Banksia Education

Keeping connected with education

Banksia Education supports the educational needs of students (aged 13-18 years) during an admission to the Banksia Ward at the Royal Children’s Hospital.


The learning program includes a range of subjects including Art, Science, Physical Education, English, Maths and Cooking, as well as offering regular excursions. The program is designed to support students to experience a sense of achievement and success in the classroom.


Each student is supported by their Key Teacher to stay connected with their enrolled school/education setting during their admission. Key teachers also work with students, the care team and school staff to develop a return to school plan for when students are discharged.


  • Our purpose is to support students to stay connected with education during hospital admissions and to support return to school planning.


We strive to

  • Provide an inclusive and engaging classroom program.


  • Understand student needs and support with meaningful goal-setting.

  • Work collaboratively with the care team, schools and students’ support networks.

  • Advocate for the needs of students to return to school safely.

What We Do

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