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School Councils play a key role in providing the best possible educational outcomes for students. All government schools in Victoria have a School Council that operates under a legislative framework within the Victorian government school system with a particular function in setting and monitoring the school’s direction.

Current School Council Members

Executive Officer

Katie Archibald (School Principal)

Community-elected members

President: Pam St Leger (Academic) 

Vice President: Lisa McKay-Brown (Senior Lecturer, University of Melbourne)

Treasurer: Phil Wheatley (Executive Officer, Operation Newstart Victoria)

DET-elected members

Poppy Nixon (Assistant Principal)

Lorraine McCallig (Parkville Program)

Claire Greve (Parkville Program)

Nominee Members

Adam Blake (Banksia, RCH Nurse Unit Manager)

Katherine Monson (Coordinator, Community Development, Orygen Youth Health)

Cathryn Baldwin (RCH Mental Health)

Marcus Papuga (Orygen Youth Health)

Chrystie Mitchell (RCH Mental Health)

Erin O’Rourke (Head of Education, RCH Education Institute)

To find out more about joining the School Council contact the Principal at

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