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Parkville/Sunshine Education 

Education supporting mental health recovery

The Travancore School Parkville/Sunshine Team supports students (aged 15 -18 years) who are clients of the Orygen Specialist Program to improve their engagement with current or new schools/education settings.

The teaching staff offer a variety of supports and interventions including individual student support, a classroom program, as well as outreach liaison with school/education staff, families, case managers, and other professionals.


  • Our purpose is to support students to improve their engagement with education as part of their mental health recovery.


We strive to

  • Advocate for the needs of students so they can remain engaged with and thrive in education

  • Work collaboratively with students, Orygen Case Managers, school/education staff, and support networks

  • Use a strength-based approach that is future-focused, and hope driven

  • Promote mental health awareness, inclusion, and equity in schools.

What We Do

Meet the Team

Lorraine (She/Her)

Team Leader

Claire (She/Her)

Shayne (She/Her)

Dom (She/Her)

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