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Travancore School Outreach Team

Supporting positive change for students

Outreach teachers work with students (aged 5-15 years) who are referred by their Royal Children’s Hospital Mental Health Case Manager, supporting them to have a positive experience of school. 


Every student is unique, so understanding a student’s strengths, needs and preferences is the first step in supporting positive change at school. Our teachers work in partnership with families, school/education staff, case managers and other professionals to support students to work towards their education goals. 


The Outreach Team also works with staff in a range of schools to improve the understanding of mental health.


  • Our purpose is to improve the participation and connectedness of referred students.


We strive to

  • Support students to share their voice

  • Work collaboratively with students' schools and support networks

  • Understand student needs and support meaningful goal-setting

  • Recommend supports that help students work towards their goals

  • Promote mental health awareness, inclusion, and equity in schools.

What We Do

Meet the Team


Mary (She/Her)

Team Leader


Brony (She/Her)

Nat (She/Her)

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