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A chance for change & new connections

Operation Newstart Western is an opportunity for new personal direction. With support from program facilitators, their schools, their families and their community; young people are empowered to create positive change. Through engaging with outdoor adventures, hands-on learning experiences and opportunities to understand themselves.


The program is available to young people aged between 13-16 years of age, who attend a Government school in the Western Metropolitan area of Melbourne.

We have a new group of 8 students each term, running in Terms 1, 2 & 4 (with the iLeaD program running in Term 3). All of our programs are mixed gender and we accept applications from schools on behalf of students at any time of year. We complete the selection process in the final two weeks of each term.



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Sample Program



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What We Do!


  • ONW is an experiential & skills based program, helping young people to improve connection with their education and to take ownership of their future direction. It’s a fantastic opportunity for those who recognise the need for change and a commitment to doing something about it.



  • To provide students with unique learning opportunities in a range of environments which creatively challenge and motivate them.


  • To assist students in developing tangible skills which promote their sense of individual achievement, self-confidence and self-awareness.


  • To build positive connections between the young person and their family, school and community.


For further information please contact the program facilitators 


Will (He/Him) 


Paul (He/Him)​

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