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The first of its kind, the In2School intervention program uses a wraparound approach to support young people who school refuse.

Delivered in partnership with the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, the Royal Children’s Hospital Mental Health and Travancore School the students aged between 11 and 14 have been school refusing for between three months and two years and have diagnoses of anxiety and/or mood disorders. In2school uniquely brings teachers and clinicians together for up to six months to assess, plan and implement needs-based, personalised programs for each young person at home, in the clinic and in the classroom.

Eligibility: To participate in the In2School program a young person must have an RCH Mental Health Case Manager.  For more information contact RCHMH Intake on 1800 445 511 or for further information and resources please visit our school avoidance website at

My Vibe, My Tribe (In2School)
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