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iLead is a leadership program for Year 9 students who have been nominated by their school as potential leaders. iLead focuses on enhancing the student’s leadership skills through a range of outdoor and community activities. The students will work together to further develop their leadership skills through a range of outdoor activities, practical skills & community involvement.

The iLead program is run during Term 3 each year by the Travancore School. The iLead program focuses on providing students opportunity to enhance their leadership capabilities. By working alongside other young people with diverse abilities & experiences, iLead  helps students uncover their own strengths and how to utilise them at school and beyond.


  • Enhance self-awareness through investigating strengths, weaknesses, beliefs and values.

  • Develop effective communication skills, including public speaking.

  • Develop personal skills in goal setting, reflection, and positive wellbeing.

  • Understand how effective teams work and demonstrate capacity to work well with others.


If you would like to apply, please speak to your school and they will help you with the application process. 


If you have a student you would like to refer, please share the below flyer with them, complete an application form and send it through to the program facilitators (details at the top of application form).

Application Form

Flyer & sample program

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Preparing for a changing future

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